Tuesday, 31 March 2009

update tuesdayyy

hehehehee i have already started to slip, but in my defence i ave een very busy and very tired.
3 0f my good mates went up to cambridge to visit our goooood buddy and it was one hell of a weekend, didnt get much sketchin done but it was worth it. laughed a whole lot so alls gd

i'l post something soon, i have taken a picture of the things im doing at the mo so il post that soon

and oooooo the paper toy were a success il defo get a pic up of them!

i wonder if ppl read this?

hope alls well


Sunday, 22 March 2009

Update sunday!

like i said last week im going to update this more regular maybe even every sunday

i have got some things done this week im pretty happy with so :D

butttt i at the begining of the week i started playing around with a vector piece in flash pretty much finished it, untill it came o saving it, i got a swf of it but i some how saved it as a ms dos file what the hell is that about?
soo now i cant open it which sucks! major! it was good un all!

but other than that happening lots of stuff has happend,im in the middle of creating some paper toys lots of cuting and folding involved tho

il post some pics in the week maybe.

and i uploaded a picture of a couple of gangs its a w.i.p

cheeers and thanks for reading


Sunday, 15 March 2009

times are changing

right sooo im going to try and update this site once a week

ive busted out a bunch of pieces of art work out this week from flash work to paintings all sorts so look forward to them

this past month has been great noting major to report, just i have been creative and back on form
i have almost finish with my molesking which ive only hhad a few months soo im going to hurry through it and get a new one.
i counted and there was about 50 pieces i want to photoshop so thats going to keep me busy.
and this piece is my id for deviant art thought it worked well

yo so and me on DA http://thebunney.deviantart.com/
ooo heres a cool site if u got a few seconds on your hands http://www.urbansketchers.com/